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Hebe is attacking my coving!

Help..... My silver girl (nearly 2yrs) Hebe is climbing on anything high enough to reach (mainly the tv and dresser), and scratching great big grooves into the coving.  She has our black boy Brian to play with, lots of toys/scratching posts, tunnel etc and we've given her a big box to tear up, but she's still doing it!  Any suggestions on how to persuade her to stop would be really helpful.  Our house is on the market and I'd rather not replace the coving before we move!

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  • Just a couple of thoughts.. Can you put something on top of the TV and dresser to stop her reaching up there? Or perhaps put something citrus smelling up there as cats do not like citrus.
  • ha ha welcome louise to owning devons!!!!!! wait till brian copys her! i would try pepper sprinkle around were she is climbing, let me know how you get on
  • Brian keeps us on our toes in completely different ways... He's such a little piglet he'll eat anything!  Last week he kept being sick and bought up quite a lot of purple streamer ribbon off a party balloon Nathan had bought home.  We rushed him to the vets, who after a thorough examination decided he'd gotton rid of it all so only needed an injection!!!  Little monkey - still as lovable as ever though ha ha.

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