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House training Devon Rex kittens

Hi,A number of years ago my family adopted an adult Devon Rex. He was a beautiful cat, much loved but he sadly passed away last year. My family are now starting to think about a new cat. An adult Devon Rex is my first preference but my question for the forum is about Devon Rex kittens. As I have not house trained a kitten before, I wondered how long it takes? Our new cat to be would be an indoor cat. Any advice should we decide on a kitten?

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  • We got our three Devony boys as kittens. It not tooked long to train them. They are very clever cats. Ours knowed in about a few days the rules from the house. They never destroyed anything.

  • It depends on what you want. Adults are easier of course, because they are usually calmer, already desexed, and more adaptable. On the other hand if you take a kitten you will be able to "mold" his or her character and I think it will become much more affectionate and attached to you. Plus, it's such a joy to see them grow up, all the progresses and change in their shape, color, character! But it's up to you really..

    And it also depends on what you mean by "house trained".. kittens are normally already litter-trained, so the only thing they have to adapt to is a new home.. if you provide them a dedicated space to play and jump, I think it won't take them more than 1 or 2 days to adapt to the new home..

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