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How will my Devon react to a new cat in the house?

Hi. We are planning on taking an Oriental Shorthair into our family and knowing that this particular breed  is very dominant, we're not sure how our Devon will react to a new member in the house. Any experienes? The Oriental will be a female, like our current cat and I'm afraid that it can only make things more difficult. What's more, we're planning to adopt her as a kitten and also, I'm not sure if this will in any way affect the two cats, but our cat is spayed.

In previous experiences, our cat showed either aggression or fear of other cats and since we live in an appartement, we're afraid there might be some...territorial problems.

I'd be grateful for some feedback/advice on this.

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  • Ah, that's great! Thank you for sharing your experience, I hope we'll have a similar situation with our cat. Smile.gif
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