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Hyper active Devon, "Mau" - advice needed!

We have a Houdini escape artist a 15 month old Devon rex,this boy is over active and wants too escape our yard no matter how high we build the fence he seems to find a way..He paces inside the house and cant find a resting point ,outside the same story paces around and only wants too escape to the next door neighbor yard.He wears a harness to stop him  a bit in climbing sessions we are out of options ,we are starting to get a bit desperate because punishment (keeping him inside) does not seem to work anyway ,he starts to bully our other Siamese and wont stop meowing Loud! Help we need some professional advise,Cat whisperer?    

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  • Sorry you have had no response to this Mona, I really don't know what to suggest myself. i guess the only question I have is whether he is desexed. A Feliway diffuser might help as well, they do work on stressed and restless cats. 

  • I keep mine inside.  Actually, my breeder and I entered into an agreement whereby I am obliged to keep my Devon Rex inside.  For many reasons, sunburn, hypothermia, general genetic weaknesses, ticks and diseases and longevity (it has been proven that indoor cats live much longer than outdoor cats), I believe cats, especially the Devon Rex, should remain indoors.  Outdoor cats live 5-7 years on average whereas indoor cats can live from 15-20 years.  There you have it.

  • Thank you for given advise,Our yard is enclosed and I have control when he is aloud to have a run..our little boy came to us when he was 10  months old,his previous owner was never home so he has spend to many hours growing up by himself with almost no company,he came across as  lonely,shy and introvert.

    Being outside with our chickens and being able to climb trees and chaise the occasional bird has done him good and he has opened up and is my partners biggest buddy now,we want all the best for him we are just worried about his behavior,he is desexed and I spray  Feliway around the house,we play and give him all the attention he can handle!...Hopefully it is just part of being a young male .

  • Hopefully Mona. Is your other cat very active?  Maybe another high energy friend would help. My Devon's chase each other around all day. 

  • I agree that he might benefit from a Devon companion his age. We have two and they pounce and chase and roll around all day. One of ours is very high energy, too, and would probably be a handful if he didn't have his brother to play with. Good luck. Time will probably help, too. Ours are calmer at 2 years than they were at 15 months.

  • Also have you looked into the specially made cat fencing? I think it's a tall strip of wire that you attach to the top of the fence that angles inward at the top, so the cat cannot get up and over.

  • Hello Nicole,Our other Cat is older 11 years now,she tolerates him and some times even give each other a kiss but,that's it she is relaxed and content as it is.We did think about another kitten but doing it wright is costly maybe will see if my strategy will work by keeping him more inside.

  • Hi Julie thank you I will look into the cat fencing !

  • The cat fencing does work. I made some by buying a roll of wire and bending it over inwards, as Julie said. Then I just attached it to the top part of the fence and they can't get over it. 

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