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I need advice - spraying issues :(

Hello Everyone! 

I am desperate for some advice.... six months ago i adopted a wonderful 3 year old devon (desexed) ... His name is Haides 

His previous home had three kids, chickens, dogs etc: but he was an inside kitty... He got along with the dogs and was fine around the chickens too.. they couldnt keep him anymore because a grandparent was moving into the home and they were highly allergic... 

I have two dogs.. A staffy and a ridgeback ( 5 years old).. when i first brought him home i kept him in my room.... it was massive so there was enough room for everything and a month later he was best friends with both my dogs.... There has never ever been a fight, and haides has not once hissed or swiped at the dogs... All they do is play & haides is always the one to initiate the play... the dogs are content with him and let him do whatever he wants... I've never had a kitty and the dogs have never seen one before... i was really patient and so thankful theyre all getting along :) 

Now that you know the beginning.. here is the problem...... Haides has pee'd outside his litter tray since i got him... he always poo's in it.. and 90% of time time will pee in it too... to my knowledge his previous family have been very honest and they said he didnt do this before and had no health problems. its always in the same spot as his litter tray....  and its actually a spray - not just a pee on the floor.... 

*I originally had one litter tray - the exact one from his previous home and the same litter ....... 

*ive changed the litter to crystals  ( he didnt like it ) and now a clumping one that he likes.....  ive bought two litter trays since.. a covered one ( i take the door off so he can go in and out) and another one with high sides  

* he never used the second litter tray that was in the garage... ( which was the covered one )

* ive now kept a single litter tray in the spare bathroom and put a baby gate up - i thought because the dogs went in and ate his poo sometimes he was getting upset ... since having the gate up he still sprays... in the bathroom..

for the past few months the only place he sprays is on the spare bathroom's shower door.... and it goes under into the shower and stinks!! and also in our en suite bathroom door... Same thing... leaks into the shower and stinks!

Ive taken him to the vet..... the first time i took him was a few weeks after i got him.. there was blood in his urine but then the follow up app showed no blood..... ive tried felaway & urine-off..... 

I know this is really long.... but im hoping someone will have some sort of idea as to why he is doing it.... ONLY on both the bathroom shower screens and just randomly? I've tried to pinpoint any differences to try and figure out why he does it only sometimes but i cant......

Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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  • Hi Paula, cats mark with pee (or poo) mostly for 2 reasons: they are ill and/or want to mark their territory to feel safe and happy. Has Haides been treated for something after the 1st and 2nd vetvisit?

    Best, Marjan

  • We have had 2 issues where as Marjan says they did what they did to let us know they weren't well.  One peed on the family room floor - blood in the urine so straight off to the vet.  He had crystals & had trouble peeing.  The 2nd one was more difficult as she started pooing in the lounge, so again off to the vet  where she had full bloods done that came back with a high white blood cell count & also a very high blood glucose level,  She has diabetes & is still being stablised.  We have had to put a tray in the lounge which is far from ideal but better than the floor.  I am hoping once she is stable she will go back to her normal habits.

    Could there be a stray cat around that you may not know about & he is marking his territory?

  • Hey marjan!

    He was treated for a urine infection I'm pretty sure ... They didn't go into much detail .. He had an antibiotic injection which settled it ..

    Hey joy !
    Someone else suggested a cat around the neighbourhood but I haven't seen one in the 9 months we have been here ... That's not to say there isn't one though ...

    It's a tough one... :(
  • Maybe he still has its  urine infect and need more therapy.  Otherwise I would treat him with Bachblueten ---Bach flowers.

    You can follow the link I posted  bachflower

  • Indeed have him checked again Paula. Some/oftentimes the infection reemerges. After treatment, a cat behavioural therapist can probably also help.. Keep us posted? Best, Marjan

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