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Importing to Australia

Hi allThis may be a bit cheeky, but here goes anyway :)I want to import a boy to take over the reins from my boy Seamus. I was fortunate enough to be allowed Seamus, his father is a Canadian import and he has produced some lovely kittens for me. But the time is quickly coming for Seamus to be desexed and enjoy the life of a spoilt pet.I have felt for some time now that new blood lines are needed in Australia and I feel I am in a position to endeavour into importing a new man. I have emailed a couple of breeders and have not had much luck. I appreciate exporting is not everyones preference, but if you could possibly entertain the indea and start discussions with me I would really be interested.Of course plenty of information would have to be shared and I a more than happy to start chatting with some of you who may be able to help me in the future.Please email me at pixiekatz@homail.comI would also like to hear about other people who have imported or exported in the past, either here or via email.ThanksPatricia

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  • I think that this is a really good topic and Ill be really interested in the replies. The biggest problem in importing to Australia seems to be 1 the airfare around A$2000 and 2 possible quarantine costs depending on the country of origin can be either nothing or months worth of boarding fees.
  • An exciting prospect but apart from the expense it would always be a bit risky I would think as you could never be sure what you were getting unless you went overseas to meet the breeder first. I would certainly want to do that even though it is not very practical. If I had the money to import a cat then I would probably have the money to have a holiday and meet the breeder at the same time.

    I suppose we never know what we are getting regardless of where we get a cat from, but the distance complicates the arrangement if something does go wrong. Not to mention the stress on the animal of travelling all that way. I think getting an older cat in those circumstances is wiser as at least they are over the early kitten development stresses as far as the immune system goes.

    Having said all that I would never send a kitten overseas, I would worry about it the whole time, I don't even send interstate so I can understand the reluctance to do it. You don't really hear about any major problems associated with it, so I am not sure if that is because it isn't discussed or problems with importing are uncommon.

  • Lots of people import cats and have no problems at all .. My mother took 2 cats and three dogs over to England and brought them back and they were all fine.
    If you want to imporve your lines then I say go a head and import one from overseas and it will go into Quarantine and if they have anything I am sure it will come out while they are in the boarding cattery.
    If I were you i would have some sort of insurance that if anything went wrong you could get your money back.
    Sometimes you need to take a chance. I brought my Devon in NSW and I live in Victoria and we drove home with our kitten on my lap and she has no problems....Some people overact at times when really there is no need
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