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Integrating Devons

Will take all the advice I can get, as I really really want this to work.  We have a very sweet 2 1/2 yr old boy (Jingle) and just got 2 baby boy devons from a breeder. The breeder said the males would adapt better than females.  Anyway, we have them separated and are taking it slow, giving Jingle oodles of attention and reassurance.  Did the cloth rub to pick up scent and gave to kittens and vice versa to become familiar with each others scent, as suggested by breeder and our vet.  Any other suggestions? Has anyone else been in this situation? Thx so much!

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  • Not really.  It sounds like you are going well.  Maybe you might let them play footsies under the door if Jingle is interested, before bringing them together.

  • Hi, my experience has been that it's best to take it slow. I introduced a girl over a 10 period. Each day something a little more. Toys bedding favorite rugs scratching pole swaps food and water bowls.
    Giving plenty of Individual cuddle time. Gradually brining them closer in rooms so that eventually they could sniff each other through the door. I think that kept me relaxed too. All went well. All cats will have there days but mostly they all get along. Although the boys (brothers) play more with each other I guess they have been together for all their 7 years. All the best I hope this helps.
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