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Hi all! My wife and I are looking forward to welcoming a four-month-old male Devon kitten to our home in December. We already have a gorgeous four-year-old male Devon, who is naturally defensive of his home and not terribly keen on other cats. Our Devon and the new kitten are half brothers.

I've read much about introducing a new cat to a resident cat, but can't find anything specifically about introducing two Devons. Any expert advice on how to make this process work would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  • I think with all cats it's time & patience.  Always make sure your 1st Devon is given anything 1st, before the new comer.

  • Hi Fezzard,

    How exciting to be adding a new kitten to your family, I bet you can't wait to bring him home. 

    There is a general article here on Devon Zone that might help: Introducing your cat to your new cat or kitten.

    Introducing two Devon's is really no different. In my own experience having 2 cat's come from the same cattery seems to have some familiarity about it for them, and introductions have been a little easier. 

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