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Introduction + Questions

Hello everyone!

I'm Meghan and Roux is my lil companion. I've had him since May and everything has been great, there are just a few things I've been wondering about.

Roux constantly has watery eyes. When I first got him, he had an upper respiratory infection but of course I took him to the vet and he got the proper medicine. However, hes had weaping eyes the whole time I've had him. Is this normal for a Devon Rex?

Also, I want to start a raw diet or a mix of a raw diet and wet food. Currently, I have a bowl of dry food set out for him all the time then wet food once in the morning and once at night. I give him pieces of meat, like steak and chicken but its cooked and cooked eggs. Sometimes a little shreaded cheese. He's a very healthy weight for now but I'm worried I might be feeding him too much.

Any suggestions? 


Thank you guys!

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  • Firstly, I wouldn't be too happy with constantly watery eyes.  Try giving some L-Lysine as it may help his immune system.  If you are in Australia I would recommend a company called Raw Meow.  They make actual meals, but they have a mix that you add to raw food to make it a completely baclnced diet.  Try and avoid dry food, as it can be like kitty cocaine and it tends to stack the weight on them.  I hope you can receive other advice & works out what will work best for you & Roux

    • I'm from America. I'm guessing Raw Meow doesn't ship that far? Thank you for the suggestions!!

    • No, they are an Australian company, but you might be able to source something similar.


  • I think about nutrition is better to consult with your veterinarian. Proper nutrition is the health of your kitten. I give my Devon mix of a raw and wet food.

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