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Is Revolution safe for Devon Rex?


I am just wondering if anyone know if Revolution is safe with Devon Rex? My little guy is just about 12 weeks old now and I think he might have some fleas...  I have two other adult cats here and haven't given them any flea treatment for a while because they never go outside.

I just wanted to check with expert owners of this breed here before I apply a few drops. I can't have fleas as I react badly to the bites...yaik!!

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  • I use Revolution on mine but I'm not sure about the little one at 12 weeks.

  • Thank you for your reply, Joy. I am not sure if Revolution is safe enough for 12 week old Devon kittens although the package says 8 week and up..

  • Perhaps it may pay to check with your vet

  • Hi I have used revolution since it first came out , I have never had fleas or ear mites . Good stuff. Pauline . Shantor Cattery.

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