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the easy way to do this? ps thanks shell for the info about the optrex drops and warm water its worked so well ! Chutney has some very short curly eyelashes ( his coats also coming in its like soft suede at this time and a really warm subtle shade) - anyways - he was on a course of fusithalmic ointment from vets but after a few days it was still making his eyes all sticky in the mornings so we have started to bathe his eyes softly with some warm water and pure sea salt which cleaned them almost at once and last night we used some optrex eye lotion as advised and he now has bright eyes which are already going a gorgeous shade of sea jade green -  wondered about whats the best with his ears since theyre so large specially before catshows but one of the siamese my bottlefed boy called Carlo has started to sit by Chutney and will patiently wash inside his ears so well and Chutney sits there and purrs.... its going to be fun when we first bathe him before a catshow of before ot get him used to this too ( ps we do have three other devons but theyre the curly coated ones and dont have such elegant extreme ears and larger ET eyes ) -

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