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  • Hi Kat,

    I live in Werribee/Hoppers Crossing and my Montague would love to have a playmate, send me a message!

    Hope I'm not too far away.


  • Hi Kat, I just read your post on another forum & think it's a great idea to arrange some company & simulation for you very cute boy.

  • We are too far away to consider it, but I just wanted  to say how gorgeous he is and it's a great idea!!!

  • Lovely new baby Devon :) 

    I understand that you feel your kitten is lonely after leaving her litter mates. Some of that will pass with plenty of toys and human interaction. In general cats don't do play dates as puppies might do. It can take some time to introduce new cats to each other - up to two weeks and even then they may never get on. If you and your partner are out at work all day perhaps the answer would be to get another kitten as playmate. It doesn't have to be a pedigree. Or you could consider rehoming an adult. Good luck.



  • As long as you do it gradually and give them time to warm to each other, you should be right. He is nice and young too. Bes was 3 months when we bought her into a house with 2x 15 year old moggies and she just strutted in, more front than Myer, and took over the place. Wanted to play with the others right off the bat.

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