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Kitten with rash

Hi little Phoebe has what looks like "bumps" that then erupt and she is now starting to scratch.  I took her to the vet today and he gave her a cortisone injection which no doubt is the "general" approach.  She has them on her neck, face, ears and just started on her tummy.  Nothing has changed in our routine and she doesn't seem too bothered by them.


We have some Aloveen shampoo to wash her in twice a week and back to the vet in 2 weeks.


The vet asked if we have midgees where we live but we don't and nothing has changed in her environment. 


Does any one have some ideas on what it may be?




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  • My girl had these as a kitten. They started out as little bumps but in no time became like pimples all over her body. And the itching! She she would scratch, and they would open up and bleed. It was horrible.

    We eventually pinned it to a food allergy. I had switched the cats from Chicken to Fish (same brand) only because the bag I had bought was open without realizing it. So it was either take the open bag or take a bag of fish since that's all they had left. That and Temptation cat treats. We put her on California Natural Chicken. Limited ingredients. Keep in mind she did have fish and beef before, but for some reason at that time it just snapped in her. She was also put on antihistamines and antibiotics. It took a good month and a half for her to get rid of the bumps.

    I try to avoid fish in cat foods at all costs now. And only feed freeze dried chicken as treats.

    Also depending on your area and season there is allergies in general, like pollen. I know people who have to give their Bengal allergy meds every spring due to the allergies, much like a human.

  • Hi Kelly

    Thanks for the reply - there is a fish/chicken food she gets occassionally - maybe you are right.  I don't want to be keeping her on steroids (mind you the lumps went down within 2 hours of the needle).  She sometimes eats the dogs dry food as well but I think that is because she just wants to annoy them.  Did you have to bath your kitten ?  I haven't attempted that yet as I'm not sure how stressed it will make her.


  • I didn't bathe her since again she had open sores at this point. And like you said, I didn't want to stress her more. Her skin was so dry from the whole ordeal. I would leave her as is. We just put a drop of iodine on the spots.

    There are a lot of foods out there with limited ingredients for pets with allergies. There is also Raw diets if you are up for that. It can't hurt to put her on a limited ingredient food until you figure out what's going on.

    Devons are also prone to staph infections too. Your vet can do a scraping to rule that out though.

  • Have you reviewed this thread:  "Exciting news about Devons with Urticaria pigmentosa - Skin Rash" ?

    There are also a couple of other discussions about skin disorders on this site.


  • Hi Kel

    In my experience these spots do indicate food allergy and more often than not it is wheat.  I would take Pheobe Off Royal Canin kitten and get her on Holistic select or Blackhawk both these products do not contain wheat and are excellent dry cat foods (premium). If Pheobe is mainly eating her dry over wet food then it is more than likely the cause. Alot of cats cannot digest wheat and are very allergic to it.  Sometimes it is not good to over wash kittens too as it removes natural oils in the coat also probably stresses her alot. With a change of diet you can see very quick improvement in the skinSmile.gif Big cuddle to the Pheobes xx

  • Hi Phoebe is happy and smoochy although spots not gone.  Have been in touch with manufacturers of Blackhawk and hoping to source some soon.  Have finished her fabulous Princess Phoebe's Pussycat Palace cat run and she is loving her time outdoors in her new cat run.  She has been having pure chicken and beef occassionally and is still eating Royal Canin until we get the other food.  Thanks all for feedback.  We are back to vet in 7 days for check up.  Haven't bathed her yet and spots are going and they are coming back in other areas.  Will read the Urticaria pimentosa and have notcied she now has dark spots appearing on her skin under her chin and down her back? 

  • I had a cat who suffered from miliary dermatitis a few times, it came and went.  She had no fleas, bacterial infections or fungus, just an on again, off again rash.  She had fairly sparse haor covering so it could have been a contact allergy to laundry soap or any number of irritants.  It eventually subsided and I have not seen it in years.  It didn't seem to bother her that much.

  • Hi Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty's rash. I had dogs growing up that had terrible skin. They spent their lives scratching, in terrible discomfort & were constantly at the vet given various treatments - cortisone, flea tabs, antibiotics etc. Their skin never improved. Mum used to feed them commercial dog food. After tons of research, I'm 100% convinced it was the food.

    There's little to no regulation of the Pet food industry, so I'm pretty cynical about what goes into it. Eg 'meat by-products' are the beaks, claws & anything that's disgarded in obtaining the meat (excluding bone, meat & anything with nutrition in it). As i understand it, ingredients in pet foods are listed on the pack in order of their contribution (in making up the volume). If meat by-products or 'imitation meat', is one of the first listed, please avoid it.

    There's a terrific website '' (relates to dog food but most brands also make cat food & quality is likely to be similar) which sets out an analysis of all the pet food brands & ranks them bw 1 and 5 stars. It's an eye opening read.

    I feed my guys 50% raw (Kangaroo & lamb) & 50% wet (I alternate bw Ziwipeak - my personal fave, Dine Desire pouches & Ultimates indulge). The only time my guys have vomited or gotten sick (besides from a vaccine & lilly leaf incident) was when I was feeding them dry food (every second morning). It was a grain-free, by-product free brand, but I'm pretty sure it was contaminated. Now it's only raw & wet for mine. If I was going dry I'd prolly go with Ziwipeak (freeze dried), Evo, Holistic Select or Wellness.
  • We have only a few residual small bumps / like healing pimples left.  Have been feeding Phoebe dry food without any wheat or fish products.  The vet gave her last kitten vaccination yesterday and added "fish products" into the mix of what she may be allergic to.  Sometimes she does sneak the dogs food too but he didn't think that would be an issue.  She does occassionally get raw beef, lamb and kangaroo but funnily enough prefers it to be cooked (even with grated cheese).  Her coat is improving now and is thickening up which is probably her for winter.  She is very happy, active and as usual complete amazes us all the time with how smart she is.

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