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Kittens Anal Prolapse

Has anyone here ever had a cat/ kitten who had an Anal Prolapse?I have just taken my 14 week old kitten to the vet with one, he has given me antibiotics and said it will sort itself out, he was quite blasé!I'm very stressed, does anyone have any experience with this at all?

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  • Just for some more information for those who may be able to help, she had diarrhea then her anus protruded out. it was very red and sore looking it formed a doughnut shape and protruded about about 1/2cm to 1cm, it's slowly going back inside but I'm worried what will happen when she goes to the toilet next...
    Please does anyone have any experience with this?
  • I have seen this before Sonia. Sometimes they just grow out of it, sometimes it can require surgery ( in extreme cases).

    Try worming her as well.

    I have shared this for you on our Facebook page. Hopefully you will get some responses.

  • Thank you Nicole, I'm worried sick:(
    According to her breeder she was wormed 2 1/2 weeks ago. I hope she grows out of it and doesn't require surgery:(
    for now I just want to make her better.

    And yes I'd love any advice to help.
  • I'd be going to a different vet.  I've heard they need to be pushed back in.

  • Lyn I am booked in to see a different vet on Monday morning as I am very upset with the lack of care and information from my usual vet, although I am going back to him tomorrow morning for a follow up. Most of it has made its way back inside her and only a small amount is still protruding... I am worried that next time she poos it will come out again.
  • I'm sorry to say that I have. He didn't turn out well at all. He was 11 weeks when he first got it, we went to the vet and got som meds and they helped him put it back. Some days later it came out again and this time even worse. We went to the vet during the weekend and he got some stichtes (and we got him nutered as well). A week later it was back :( The vet said he was a extreme case but would like to give hime one more chance. He got surgery and stayed at the vet for 2 days just to see if he could poop by him self. When the stiches was removed he was okay for a couple of days and then it was back. We decided to put him to sleep, there was just no way to let him suffer more :(

    I have understand that it is a hard case and for the mose times it turnes out well, and of course I hope that will be the case for your kitten!

  • I once had a kitten with a prolaps. She got sutures 2 times, but they broke after several days since she pushed too hard. 
    We gave her lots of wet food to keep her feces smooth which seemed to help a lot. She didn't looked like she was in pain or anything of it, she was happy, healthy, growing and playful, so we decided to watch and see how it developed. It got much better with the food change. I normally feed my kittens raw meat, but that just made her feces too hard which made her push too hard. So the wet food mostly fixed it. 
    She moved to a loving home with her sister and was regularly checked by a vet, within a few months it was so much better and only prolapsed occasional. Now she is 6 years old and still happy and healthy.

  • Oh Therese that sounds really awful, I certainly hope that is not the outcome that get, thank you for sharing you experience.
    Nathalie my little one has been being fed raw meat too, I will stop that just in case, the vet gave her this very runny wet food and I've only been giving her very small amounts at least until I know what will happen a when she poos next.

    Her anus has gone totally back to normal this morning and I'm seeing the vet for a follow up in an hour.not that I think there is anything that he will do for her.
    I am taking her to another vet tomorrow who was kind enough to call me and speak to me over the phone about her.

    But for now it's waiting to see what happens:(
  • I should add that she doesn't seem to be in any discomfort.
  • Let us know how you go tomorrow Sonia.

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