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kittens eyes

My grey and white kitten always has a brown color crud in the corner of his eyes. I wipe them everyday since it drives me nuts. Is this normal in this breed? I bought stain remover wipes and it helps.. Then I just recently learned about angel eyes, so I thought I would try that. But I'm not even sure if this is normal..

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  • Mine tend to get crud too & not just our Devons.  I just gently wipe their eyes

  • Mine does too. It's normal. She's pretty good at keeping her face clean now she's older, but I still wipe them every few days. Just some arm water on a cotton ball works well.
  • Hi Stehpanie,

    our cats too have this ... I mean it is normal as the Devons have no cilia and no eyebrown. This means much more dirt can come into the eyes and this is the brown color crud in the corner of the eye.

  • Ok good to know! I was just a little worried, glad it's normal!!
  • Both of mine have it. My vet said not to worry unless they appear infected (which they don't). I read somewhere that Devons often have more iron in their tears, causing the tear fluid to be rust colored. Not sure of the science behind that but it could be true.
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