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Kittens have arrived!!!

Hi guysRipley had four babies tonight. Two black smokes and two black and white. I think she is finished. I am surprised she didn't have at least five or six given the size of her and it is still possible she will pop another one out but the last kitten was born at 9 pm. All good weights, 103, 102, 93 and 87 grams.I used another homeopathic remedy for the birth called Birth Eze and I have to say I am very impressed. She was the most relaxed I have ever seen her and the first three kittens were all born very easily in less an hour. The fourth an hour later.I thought for sure I would get some silver tabbies and maybe silver tabby and white but I am really pleased to see I can still get my black smokes as I do like them and the priority is the health issue. They are feeding really well and seem strong. Maybe we will see some more variation colour wise with Tilde.Gill

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  • wishing you all the best with these new babies for the new year what a superb start to 2010 !
  • great news we also had devon babies on boxing day, an extra special christmas pressie hope all goes well x
  • Gill, Congratulations!!!!! Healthy Mum and Babies, doesn't get better than that. A very respectable time to have them also.
  • Congratulations Gill and Ripley- that is great news! :-)
  • Congrats Jill! Very exciting to finally have babies from Tobias...
  • Congratulations Gill & to Ripley. Nice weights
  • Wonderful news Gill !!!!!! What a good boy Tobias is.
  • Thanks all. They are all looking good this morning with nice little round plump bellies.

    Yes Penny and Abby, Tobias is now a dad!!! This time last year I was just about to get him and he was a baby himself.

  • Yes, time does go so fast. It seemed like yesterday that i was meeting Tobias as a kitten at Penny's. Cant believe he is now a proud dad! You must be thrilled Gill...
  • Yes Abby I told Tobias he was a dad this morning!!!!
    Check out the whiskas on the black and white. He has these long white eyebrow hairs and two masses of curly white whiskas on his whiska pads.
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