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Lavinnia's babies are here

Well so much for the ultrasound....5 kittens??

Lavinnia had 8 babies early last night. Unfortunately one was way too small- only 46 grams and did not make it.

The others are going well so far. She has 2 black smokes, 2 blues and 3 chocolates ( all solids!)

After 3.5 years we finally have dilute kittens!

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  • Gosh she did well, hiding them away. Best wishes for these long awaited bubs. They look great & Vinnia looks happy to finally have those out.
  • Congrats Nicole and Lavinnia.

  • Well done LaVinnia!!
  • A huge congratulations to Lavinnia & also to you Nicole !
  • congrats lavinia - sorry about the baby who didnt make it sweet dreams little one x ps thats sure a big beautiful litter there though !
  • Oooh I do love the chocolate ones! Oh and the pointed ones, Oh and the tabby ones, Oh.... :)
  • Congratulations Nicole !!! Wonderful News !
  • Yay Nicole!!!! And well done Lavinnia... 8 Wow. Im happy you finally have dilutes... Id be stoked getting the chocolates :) All look like they are doing well. Cant wait for more pics....
  • Thank you all- they are all gong well and putting on weight.
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