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Devon Rex Rescue Groups?

I'm looking to take on a Rex but want to adopt an adult - a quick Google search didn't come up with much so I thought I'd ask the experts!  Does anyone know of a reputable rescue organisation that specifically deals with Rexes?  I'm based in Melbourn

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13 Replies · Reply by Penny Oct 30, 2011


Hi All,


I am going to start breeding these beautiful cats and would love any advise anyone could give me, also and contact details re where i might be able to take my female to be mated, i wont be starting until next year as i dont want to rush and w

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6 Replies · Reply by Kylie R Oct 15, 2015

shipping devons

HiJust wondering how devons typically do being shipped. Our boy is scheduled to be shipped at 10 weeks on a direct flight(4hours). Is he going to be a maniac when he comes out from being cooped up?Also, do anyone keep young kittens in a pen at night

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2 Replies · Reply by Cat-toure Aug 18, 2011