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Calico Devon Rex

Hi again, 

I am in a process of acquiring another Devon Rex kitten and I may choose a calico kitten... There are some old sayings about Calico cats being more independent and have cattitude than the other color or patterns. I don't know if such a thin

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13 Replies · Reply by Ingrid Perri Aug 20, 2015

Ear Wax Problem

My 2 year old Devon keeps getting really had ear wax build up. I am new to the breed but had done my research and know that their ears are naturally a bit waxy and must be cleaned weekly. I took him for a vet check up a month ago when I got him and h

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9 Replies · Reply by Dania Jul 9, 2015


Hi, I was looking for  some help with a problem I have with Digby, my 7 year old Devon Rex. Over the last 3 months he has started vomiting randomly & usually during the night. He may vomit once every 10 days or so but does not otherwise seem unwell,

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11 Replies · Reply by Joy Jun 16, 2015