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Kittens Anal Prolapse

Has anyone here ever had a cat/ kitten who had an Anal Prolapse?I have just taken my 14 week old kitten to the vet with one, he has given me antibiotics and said it will sort itself out, he was quite blasé!I'm very stressed, does anyone have any expe

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13 Replies · Reply by Sonia Feb 18, 2014

Advice Dogs and Cats

I have a great variety of experience with dogs.  However, I'm relatively new to cats.  How do Devon's get along with dogs?  Are there any special precautions to take, advice on first time meetings etc.?    

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3 Replies · Reply by CJ Sep 13, 2013

Water Fountains

My 8 month old Devon, Ziggy has decided he no longer wants to drink out of his water bowl. He would rather drink out of the shower tray, bath tub or kitchen sink.  

I have tried changing his water more frequently and I have changed his bowls away from

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9 Replies · Reply by Kaisha Oct 25, 2013