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Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for information on breeding? I would love to learn what is involved and generally just to get to know the breed better. What are the pro's and cons to breeding? I would love to learn all t

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9 Replies · Reply by Rebecca M Ansari Jun 15, 2013

Vocal Devon's!

How vocal are your Devon's? My Montague is incredibly vocal and loves announcing things. He is almost six months old and I'm finding he loves being vocal the more he grows up.The strangest thing he does is loudly announcing that he needs to use his l

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34 Replies · Reply by Belinda Aug 19, 2013

Kitten with rash

Hi little Phoebe has what looks like "bumps" that then erupt and she is now starting to scratch.  I took her to the vet today and he gave her a cortisone injection which no doubt is the "general" approach.  She has them on her neck, face, ears and ju

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9 Replies · Reply by Kel May 4, 2013