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Litter Size

I always thought Devons had relatively small litters so imagine my surprise when my first time mum presented me with 9 babies last night.

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  • OMG that's a BIG litter.  I hope all the babies are OK & mum can cope.  Smile.gif
  • Smile.gif wow that is amazing well done to babies and also mum (and their stud dad did well too ) Smile.gif
  • Just to update on our oversized litter. We've lost 3 very weak babies but the 6 survivors are thriving and gaining weight each day. She's a fabulous Mum and much more able to cope now she's got enough milk for everyone. Grin.gif
  • Sorry to hear about the little ones Neil, but all sounds good for the other 6 & 6 is a nice size for mum to look after, although I'm glad I'm not the mum.  Grin.gif


  • sorry three babies - xxx - but so pleased other six settled with mum xxxxxx
  • ps if this helps soothe the sadness - five summers ago we had a siamese she had six perfect babies after a textbook preggers - but too many too small to survive not made milk - 40 60 gms - we lost five this left one strong one 78 gms - he is called Carlo and still with us and a blessing in our lives and he is so beautiful - sometimes cat mums for some strange reasons make too many babies so some dont survive - this is so so sad - am sure the rest will thrive and survive so am adding prayers x
  • One of my girls had 10 babies on 3/10/11 I lost the last one so she has 9 now, after 24hours I had to put 2 of the babies on another Queen that only had 3 babies.They were 1 week old. that left mum with 7 all babies, all are doing fine even the 2 on the foster mum. They were between 60g & 74g when they were born.
  • How are the babies all going Neil and Jenny?

    Hope they are all doing well. 

  • They are all doing fine, they are fat little babies putting on weight every day. I will post a photo of them later in the week. - Jenny
  • That is great news Jenny. Smile.gif
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