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Hi everyone! I'm in Melbourne, VIC. My girlfriend and I have fallen in love with the affectionate breed. We are able to offer an indoor only home to a Rex who is in need of adoption.

I wouldn't be able to pay a large amount to purchase a Rex Kitten, as I do not earn a lot income, but I can certainly offer a very loving happy home with fully attention and love. 

If anybody have/know about a Doven need a home let me know! Thanks!

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  • Good luck Zuphyr, I have shared on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

    • Thank you so Much.
  • Hi Zuphyr,

    On our Devon Rex rehoming group on Facebook there is a new Devon listed in Melbourne.

    The link to the Group is:

    • Thanks for your reminding. I will go and have a look as soon as possible.

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