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Looking to Adopt

I'm a Melbourne based girl who has finally purchased a permanent home. I'm desperately seeking to adopt a Devon Rex due to my extreme allergies and for a little creature to love. I'm looking for an indoor Rex as I live a little too close to a large intersection. I have grown up with Devon Rexes and know how to care for them quite well. I'm not fussed about the age or sex of the cat but I do need a healthy cat  as much as I would love to be able to take care of a Rex in need of aid, I financially can't afford it. I have enough saved to spoil a cat rotten but not for consisted vet costs. I have had a sickly Devon before and it broke my heart every time we went to the vet (which was too often due to her sickness). She was loved and adored but eventually we had to let her go. 

If anybody has a Devon  Rex that needs a lot of love and a good home please email me at or reply here with anything you want to ask or tell me about your Rex! 


The reason I'm wanting to adopt a cat without going through the breeder process is because I love the idea of giving a home to a creature that needs one and to love an animal that may be missing his or her prior owner. 


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  • Hi Nicole,

    We have a fairly active Devon Rex rehoming group on Facebook that might interest you:

    • I've already joined as a member! I've been enjoy the content. Thank you for inviting me. Its always nice to be properly invited. Xxx

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