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Looking to adopt a Devon

Hello everyone and thank you Joy for your welcome email. I have had Devons for around 30 years, almost since the breed began. Three months ago I my wonderful 10 year old Devon, Tello, died suddenly and I am bereft. I miss him so much and the house feels empty without him. I would love to adopt a Devon any age or gender. We are a quiet older couple, no dogs or children and have house well away from main roads and have a secluded garden. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who needs a good home for a Devon. My mobile number is 0488222930. I live in NE Vic and would willingly travel to Melbourne or outer Melbourne area.

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  • I can understand how you feel Aileen. I can't imagine our home without a Devon.  Good luck in your search

  • Hi Aileen and welcome to Devon Zone.

    I am sorry to hear about Tello, you must miss him terribly.

    Have you seen the topic about Carlo? It is here:

  • Thank you Nicole for the info. re Carlo. I am new to the site, just finding my way around it. I have replied to Carlo's owner already and waiting for a response. I fell in love with him immediately I saw his photo. Keep your fingers crossed for me:) Once again thank you for your message, Regards, Aileen
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