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Losing the rippled coat

Hi!I'm new and hope someone here can help me! We have 2 Devon Rex cats aged 3. One (Ginger) has a beautiful, down-like rippled coat. However our grey cat (Pepper) seems to have lost.some of the ripple. The coat along her spine is ripply, but the sides are just straight and fuzzy/dry. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions.As a tip for others, Ginger had balding spots that were itching her and creating scabs. We had amazing success with Greenies -Smart Bites - Skin & Fur. I guess the Omega 3's really helped because her fur feels like down. But it had no difference for Pepper.Thanks!!Mary

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  • No real answers for you.  They do go through coat changes but I'm not sure if that applies to 3 yr old

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