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Lost kittens

I have Amie in the bathroom at the moment I think she is aborting her kittens. She is a week and a half early. I really wanted this litter as she hasnt had a sucessful litter for me at all. I expect after anti biotics and a vet check we will try again and thats it.

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  • Oh no, not again Ange. That is really bad news..

    Fingers crossed she holds onto them!
  • That is not good news at all.
  • I think she still might have one or 2 but thats all I just hope that she keeps them a bit longer.
  • Oh no sorry to hear about Amie.
  • I suppose Cats can be like humans not everyone carry and baby .. Poor baby it must be heart breaking for her and for you.. I hope that it works out
  • Thanks guys I think Im more devestated than Amie though shes just keen to lap up all the cuddles she can get, Im pretty shure she has lost them all.
  • Sorry to hear that Ange, that is really bad news.
  • That is very sad news.
  • I'm sorry
  • am adding my SORRYs at the sad loss of these babies - is mum alright though today its a shock for any species - babs x
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