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Lost my Annie today

Annie was just two years old. She never grew past 2 1/2 pounds and was sickly from the day I got her. She had many episodes and almost died a few times. The vets never did find a concrete answer to what was wrong with her...her tests all came back normal..but she wasnt normal..she was special and little. She was amazing and sweet although reserved and quiet. She spent most of her life just trying to find a warm spot to sleep as she would chill extremely easily...even in the summer. I kissed her goodnight as she crawled under my blankets last night, I rubbed her head until I fell asleep...not realizing she only had hours to live...she died at 8:25 while my daughter and I cried together petting her until her heart stopped. A few hours later my uncle passed away...i have faith that he is keeping her safe and warm in his arms in heaven until I can get there. Annie you will be already special tiny angel...

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  • Oh Dawn, I am so sorry, that is such sad news. Frown.gif

    You are right, she was a special and little, but also  beautiful girl and I am sure you and your family will miss her so much. 


    I am also sorry about the passing of your uncle. I'm sure he will keep Annie warm and safe for you. Such a sad day for you Dawn.  ((hugs))

  • dearest dawn - am so sorry to read this - a double sadness - rest at peace special annie and also your late uncle - am adding my sympathies for yourself and all the family at this awful time - and my sincere prayers - amen x

  • Gosh, that's so sad, I'm so sorry...

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • What a sad day Dawn.  I am so sorry.  Annie certainly was a special one - too good for this world.  Fly gently sweet one.

  • Thank you ladies...she is sadly missed but in a far better place than she was born glad she came to me and it just goes to show that just because a breeder is registered it doesnt make them a good breeder...enough said on that but just thought id get it off my angry and bitter today that annie had to have such a sad and short existence on this planet..she is a lucky little angel today and she will always be my you annie <3

  • dear dawn, so understand, a sorter life than she shoulve had, but two beautiful yrs being loved by you is better than ten being unloved  - your little angel will always be with you in a v special way - they do - believe me I know from when we have lost a little one along the way - hold her in your heart and hold your head high for all that time and tlc she had because of you x

  • Dawn, I'm so sorry about Annie. Much love to you.

  • i'm so sorry .


  • So sad - poor little girl.  She was very lucky to have you, though.

  • Dawn this is so sad for your Annie i a'm so sorry be strong and you gave her a beautifull live
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