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Maiden queens and single kitten litters

Just wondering if anyone had any problems with first time mums having a single kitten. Hazel is pregnant with one baby and it is her first litter. The Vet said the chances of caesarean are higher if she does carry to term and does not abort or reabsorb. I have had one single kitten born before but that was that queens third litter. She did retain the placenta but did give birth on her own. I did a colour chart for the litter and the results are : LITTER FEMALES: 18.75% Black, 6.25% Blue, 18.75% Choc, 6.25% Lilac, 18.75% Black tortie, 6.25% Blue tortie, 18.75% Choc tortie, 6.25% Lilac tortie, MALES: 18.75% Black, 6.25% Blue, 18.75% Choc, 6.25% Lilac, 37.5% Red, 12.5% Cream, Add to that points and bicolours as well....what is the bet she has a black smoke. LOL

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  • The odds are fairly high for a black smoke Nicole. LOL
  • Hmmmm....just looking at it again 37.5 red... and equal 18.75 black, black tortie and choc.

    Do you think asking for a lilac tortie mink might be a bit much? LOL
  • Well if you ask Hazel every night until she gets sick of you asking :)
  • Hi Nicole,

    Well congrats on the pending birth of your singleton. I have had a singleton born to a maiden queen. All went well with no dramas. How many weeks is Hazel?

    I think a lilac tortie mink might be a big ASK. I think I have two lilac tortie minks/sepias females here. I will have to post pics on my page as I have no idea what colour they are.

  • Thanks Penny. Hazel will be 5 weeks tomorrow.
    Luckily another of our girls is only a few days behind her and she has 5 ( on the ultrasound ) so this will help I'm sure, if needed. All going well, of course. :-)
  • Congrats on impending births, always an exciting (if somewhat tiring all night vigils!!) time.
    What program did you use for your colour chart?
  • Thanks Peta.
    I use this colour chart:
  • Yep go with asking for black smoke and you'll get a lilac tortie.
  • Jodie Bryant said:
    Do you always get your girls ultrasound when pregnant? I didnt have mine done just had a normal examination, my vet didnt think it necessary unless there was some sort of problem. Is there anything particular you look for?

    No,. I don't always have ultrasounds done, but I needed to know for sure this time round as up until now the sire had been infertile.
    I'm just so glad he 'works'. :-)
  • It sure is Jodie. What colour are Cowboy's parents?
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