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Male cats & neutering - Help!

HELP!  Our 2, 6 month old male devons were neutered today! They came home with the E collar, better known as "The Cone of Shame".  They hate it and work feverishly to get it off. They have figured out if they rub along the wall it will flip backwards which then enables them to lick. Pretty much the cone is useless, but the vet advised they need to wear it for 10 days!!!  Has anyone else had their kitten make it through successfully and be ok without wearing this hideous cone??

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  • I was fortunate in that my kittens were neutered by their breeders before I bought them home so can't offer any advice at all - sorry, but good luck

  • Do they have any sutures Christy? I don't think an e-collar would be necessary if they don't.

    I have not heard of this on young neutered males before.. 

  • Thx so much for the responses. @Nicole: they have dissolvable sutures. They appear to be in no discomfort & do not need a recheck unless something goes wrong like fever, swelling, bleeding etc. the e collar is to prevent them from licking.
  • I think I would be taking it off myself but you have to do what you think is best. Smile.gif

    If you do make sure you keep a close eye on them, and also the suture area. 

  • My vet didn't put a collar on my boys, who were both neutered at about 7 months. But he did tell me to use paper litter for a few days so no dust or other particles irritated the sutures.

  • Thank you everyone!!! The collars are off and the boys are fine!! :)  @Joe - thank you!  You gave me the confidence needed :)

  • That is great news Christy!  Smile.gif

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