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my si rex CURLYTOTS XMAS CANDICANE isnt making sounds but twice today shes been seriously sniffed at by both my male neuter devon rex Chutney aged one and also amazingly by my new black smoke showboy Chops who isnt five mths for a few more weeks - Chutney has been neutered of course and am taking chops for the "chop" at the vets asap after his first catshows in a few weeks time when vets will do the snips - shes showing a slight interest then wriggling away and her tums only slightly pinkish - since we used to have siamese females on call which could wail for a whole week at maximum volumes we are wondering if she is indeed thinking about starting her first call soon and not waiting for the spring instead when its warmer and sunnier weather??? ps we havent sorted her a suitable stud so far and are waiting to see what her breeder says first ...

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