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Monorchid and Cryptorchid studs

What are the views of people concerning Monorchid and Cryptorchid stud cats, should they be neutered or bred from ?

All studs registered with the Gccf have to have Entirety Certificates from a vet, and the Gccf will not register kittens from a boy without one.

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  • Really the other registries need to follow the Gccf and insist on an entirety certificate of a stud cat, and not register kittens out of a stud without one, it is hereditary, but unfortunately new breeders are ignoring the dangers.

  • Dont forget that this problem is carried on the maternal line and any female producing a couple of monorchids/cryptorchids to different boys should also be spayed.  My girl who was imported from Italy from extremely well known lines did just this and on the second occasion she was spayed as soon as the kittens were ready to leave home. 

    As GCCF is a genetic registry, it stands to reason that they understand inheritance to some extent, but other registries are phenotypical registries and will register just about any, colour or creed so I dont think they are going to change their policies just to suit GCCF and I will add, unfortunately!!

  • Hi ,


    my club Felikat, a Duch Fifé-member also calls for an officiale vet-entirety certificate. Not a bad thing, I think.



  • Obviously a good registry.

  • I'd never use a mono or crypt stud. TICA doesn't demand a certificate of entirety but to me it's just common sense. Knowing it's hereditary and that cryptorchism and monarchism reduces the fertility should be enough for any common sense breeder to avoid such studs.

  • More's the pity more people don't think like you, there are still some idiots using a cryptorchid boy over here.

    Maybe an entirety certificate is something Tica should start insisting on, it would improve their reputation. 

  • Yeah, there are pros and cons with such a liberal registry such as TICA. They are pretty much against everything mandatory. They believe in freedom of choice, in which I can sympathize a great deal, but some regulations would be nice. 

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