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My Devon's rash

I have 2 Devon girls from the same breeder but they are not related My youngest one, Bella is 8 months old. She has less hair than my 13 month old girl, sookie. Bella developed a rash almost overnight on her stomach and chest mostly. I have had a biopsy done on her and it has a technical name but is like dermatitis. I have changed her diet to fresh roo meat and royal canin sensitive. I use cortisone cream on it which helps clear it, but it never fully goes. My vet says they can do allergy testing on her but that does a long time. Any help anyone could give would really be appreciated. As it completly changes her personality and I can tell it causes her distress. Thanks sue. 

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  • Hi Sue..sometimes sudden changes in their diet gives them a rash as well..if you have changed her diet from what the breeder had her on then it might be a contributer..hopefully it will go in time

  • We discussed this at the end of the summer so i found you the link to it. My Annie had it really bad...she recently passed away from other issues but we took corn out of her diet and she cleared right up...actually all grains were removed from her food and we were using corn litter and we changed back to plain clay...she cleared up in a few weeks. Good luck..I know how frustrating it is.

  • Hi Sue. I just joined the site today and while navigating it found your comment. I'm sorry to hear about your Devons skin problem. Our vet warned us that this breed is prone to them.  As both Angela and Dawn have mentioned, our vet also said that diet is a big contributor.  Did you change their diet anytime recently? Maybe, make a note of what you feed them and if that aggrivates the rash then cut it out of their diet and see if there is any change. Just like humans and food allergies etc, a "food diary" might be a good idea to find what the cause is. Good luck!

  • Thanks for all the advice. I had not changed their diet, however they now are on only fresh meat, no preservatives etc. they have a combination of wild goat, lamb mince and pink salmon with some cooked veggies. They also are on probiotics and some vitamins. It has settled a lot but not gone completely. It seems to be ongoing. Only Bella has skin problems. My other girl who is only 11 months old has no skin problems, however she now has a virus affecting her front teeth and gums. The vet thinks this is from grooming bella, who has the rash. I now am trying to entice sookie to allow me to brush her teeth so I can try to keep the germs at bay. That's another interesting challenge.
    I do like my vet, however I wonder if I should get another opinion?
    All help is truly appreciated.
  • Hmmm...maybe a second opinion is a good idea. I am only new to having a cat but our vet warned us about giving our baby too much wet food. Do you give chicken wings to your cats or some kind of dry food so they can work their teeth? Our vet said that the biggest killer of cats was periodontal disease. This comes from being solely on a wet food diet. We give our cat a little of wet and a little of dry, but are slowly introducing more dry and LESS wet now. I have tried to give her a chicken wing once a week but she won't touch it so...dry food it is!

    The dry food allows them to work their teeth and control tartar build up etc. When cats eat wet food it gets caught in their teeth/gum area and rots which causes peridontal issues. Or so our vet tells us. So, if you regularly give wet food, try introducing a dry food and building up to a ratio of maybe 20% wet and 80% dry.

    You may already be doing this so if you are then disregard what I just said and maybe seek a second opinion from another vet:)

  • Hi Solen,, thanks for your feedback. The girls do have chicken wings, chicken necks and lamb bones several times a week. I should have said that before. It is only the dry food that the vet said Bella may be allergic to.
    However I still struggle with her rash, even tho it has improved.
    Thanks for all your advice and input.
  • Hey Sue:) Ahhh...I see. Your poor 11 month old may be getting her teeth probs from grooming the other cat as the vet said. I hope that both Bella's skin irritation and Sookie's teeth problems go away soon. Good luck with it all.

  • Hi there Sue, Just taking a step back here and possibly a long shot. But what do you use on your carpets/hard floors or the cats beds for cleaning? One of my girls kept scratching round her neck area and made herself quite sore, we found this to be a reaction to the wood floor cleaner we were using!  We now have to be careful what chemicals go on the floor and what we wash the beds in. Just an idea, it may well be due to food intolerance, my smallest girl has a very sensitive stomach so we have to be constantly on the ball with her.

    Hope Bella gets better soon.

    Penny & 3 EEEs

  • Hi Sue,

    How is Bella doing now?

    Best regards


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