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My sweet boy stopped eating! HELP

My 2 1/2 yr old male Devon stopped eating. I have been to the vets twice this week,X-rays, blood work etc I am having to syringe feed him & he does not like this. We are calm & reassuring. He was given fluids at the vet as he was dehydrated. This all started 4 days ago on Monday after a long night of vomiting & dry heaves. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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  • That sounds very distressing. I haven't experienced anything like that so have little to offer other than I am sure you are doing all you can and giving him heps of love. Thinking of you and sending positive energy for his recovery.
  • Oh you poor thing.  I can't offer any advice just lots of cyber wishes that you find out what is wrong.

  • Thank you much for the support & well wishes. I have been researching & apparently this can happen with some cats. Some cat parents force feed with a syringe, some even get a feeding tube!! Calling vet this morning as I am so concerned! I have read that it is very dangerous for cats to stop eating & they can get fatty liver disease which can be fatal.
  • Have you tried amoxicilian? i am not sure why but this has worked for me many times. jars of meat baby food is a good starter food that you can place in their mouth to get them started eating. smear it on paws or snout to have them lick it off. sometimes they just have a bad experience and want to avoid it so they stop. The little guy should start eating once he realizes the vomiting will not happen again. there are drugs available to your vet to stimulate eating but amoxicilian has worked best for me.
    Tube feedings will not work at this age because the cat will bite off the tube and then it requires surgery to remove it.
  • If you try baby food, make sure it is free of onion and garlic (may list as a powder). When strummer stopped eating we just kept tryi g one thing after another. He seemed to be happy with lightly cooked ground beef and rice. Save some of the liquid from the rice and use it to make a light gravy (with beef). I also tried chamomile tea (cooled) instead of plain water. He liked that. I've cubes in a bowl with enough water to have the cubes exposed, slightly thawed so the tounge does stick.
    If your vet can't seem to figure it out, and I mean no disrespect to your vet, call another one and run through what is happening and what has already been tried. Sometimes another person's input is the key. Think of it as a fresh set of eyes/ears.
    Good luck!! I hope you find something that works and you little one is on!
  • I meant ice cubes in a bowl...not I've. Spell check in a mobile phone. :/
  • Oh...I also would cook eggs for Strummer. Don't add anything, just be sure not to burn them. Have you tried wet cat food? Buy a few small cans, different varieties and add a but if extra liquid. No sodium broth may also be a success.
    Def get kitty back to the vet!!
    Best of luck!
  • My little man had a vomiting attack and as soon as he started back on his food it started again. After a trip to the vet for a needle to settle his stomach I started him on a bland diet of chicken for a few days. I now use a low allergy dry food as the vet thinks it was a food allergy causing the vomiting.
  • status on my sweet boy Jingle:  My neighbor who does rescue (dog & cat) goes to a different vet and she is getting her involved via phone.  My vet has been so supportive and wonderful.  I just visited with him and brought him a blankey from home and some of our shirts that we recently wore. He seemed alert and was purring away as I sat with him, albeit with IV's attached!  My vet is very hopeful that he will recover.  One theory my husband discussed after he was thinking through things today is: Jingle was seen many times chewing on our artificial Christmas trees.  This may or may not be the cause although it does make sense. Anyway, I appreciate the support and concern more than you could know.  I am looking at all input, idea's, suggestions etc, anything that will make him well. So for this I thank each one of you that has provided input and taken time to read through and respond.  You all are the BEST!!! 

  • I'm so sorry about Jingle. It's so scary when cats stop eating :-( My take on loss of appetite is that (whatever the ultimate source - e.g. obstruction, food poisoning etc) it's direct cause is nausea or constipation. Nausea (in humans/animals) is the brain's response to any sort of poisoning. It's purpose is to stop you from wanting to eat, to prevent further poisoning. Constipation (from dehydration or loss of gut motility) also causes loss of appetite, as the food is essentially getting stuck - so the brain thinks the body is still full from eating. Note - nausea can cause constipation & vice versa.

    In either case, getting the cat rehydrated is the most important thing - either to clean out any poison or (if constipation-related) to re-moisten the waste materials to allow them to move through his gut. So it's great that he's on a drip. I'd also really recommend starting off getting Jingle to eat raw meat, to get him back onto food. It's the easiest thing for cats to digest & has the highest moisture content. From what I understand, human grade kangaroo is the tastiest meat from a cat's perspective (my cats go crazy for it). Just very lightly searing it in a non-stick frypan would make it even more palatable.

    My guess is that he's got a bit of poisoning from swallowing something (most likely the Christmas tree) & that it just needs to work its way out of his system. Cats are amazingly resilient. Poor little fella, all the best.
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