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Hi has any one had a kitten with myopathy  my little Elmo 5 months old been to vet today and they 99.9. 0/0 sure he has it  it's a nasty muscle  disease  don't have any thing they can do for him I've only had him for 2 months  we bonded really well I have his brother who is fine 

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  • That's so sad Deb.  I have had no experience with this disease.
  • So sorry.. I do not know about this disease...


  • Hi Deb,  How upsetting for you and such a shame for the wee fellow. I hope he is not too badly affected.

    Nowadays we thankfully hear of very little Hereditary Myopathy (Spasticity) i Devon Rex. It is as the title says hereditary and is passed on by a recessive gene. All Devons with it or who are carriers can be traced back to the same cat - many generations back. We seldom hear of it nowadays as unless it is being deliberately test mated for, most breeders in the past put a fair bit of effort into pedigree research or test mating or removing known carrier cats from the genepool. 

    In the past there was much misunderstanding and blame cast on breeders who may have been ignorant of the possibility. Firstly what country are you in and from which country did your kitten come from?

    You must tell breeder as they have and or know the pedigree and are able to spread the knowledge where it should go and also only they can neuter the parents or decide whether to test mate. The breeder will be upset of course but if they are a younger person, chances that they knew about the possibility are remote.

    Knowledge is the key to getting rid of this disease.

    Elmo can be helped to have an easier and comfortable life and there are those far more qualified then me to help you out there. I am hoping they are on the forum.

    Do you have any photos or film of him?

    I hope you will feel you have the support of the Group here.




  • I would love to see a copy of this pedigree, as we have a lot of for sure carriers and some questionable pedegrees and I could look them up with information that I have.Deb was that a pet cat that was neutered or spayed.  The incidence of heridity in this is:  one kitten spastic, one kitten a carrior,  one with no problems with the herdity of disease, last one,Tongue.gif is a qestion mark but probaqbly a carrior.  This is just a recessive gene paradyme.  Sheila
  • What a nightmare for you and your little curly friend. I hoped this disease wasn't an issue anymore with devons. Obviously I was wrong, very very sad. I hope he will be comfortable for a long time to come.
  • The last carriers of a recessive condition are the hardest to find, I hope your kitten is ok.
  • Deb,


    Are you there? Since you posted your sad news and query many of us would like to be supportive and to have you educate us. You seem to have just disappeared ...................



  • Yes, it would be great if you could drop in with an update Deb.

    You have received some great advice from the members here. 

  • ,I have never accused anyone of having carriors in their pedigrees as I for one, had a carrior in one of my pedigrees, that was a for sure pedigree.  I never did get this disease, but some good soul shared with me about what she had learned WHO it Might have been , so I was VERY cautious, and I did not se this line agasn nd I did not have to use it and I had petted out all but one to a breeder, and she was notified by me of my suspicions, and she did not have to use the cat at that time so it was petted outwe always did the neuter/spay before they left our houses,and  down the line i REPLACED THE CAT WITH ANOTHER CAT.    I do not think any of us are anything like disrespectful with this,  as it is a recessive just like points are, anything can come down through lines, but the more knowledge that we share-even not publically- like the girl shared with me,  can you imagine how thankful i WAS?  i HOPE THAT MY POST DID NOT MAKE YOU KEEP FROM ASKING FOR MORE INFO FROM ANY OF THE OLDER BREEDERS,  as it just will honestly benefit you.  Sheila Tongue.gif
  • Hi Sheila,


    You and most breeders faced with a similar carrier situation did do the right thing. Sadly we all know there were (are?) one or two who chose to put their heads in the sand. Also sadly we 'older breeders' know that there was at one time a great deal of suspicion and animosity .

    All very unfortunate. Nowadays things are much better and people are encouraged to speak out in what I hope remains, a no-blame culture. In the unfrtunate event of the condition rearing it's head only good can come from openness. Others learn both about the disease and about the pedigrees (hopefully) and the unfortunate person with the affected kitten gets support and advice.

    I think it a shame that Deb came seeking help but appears not to have come back to read any mails.





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