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Need a harness or walking jacket for adult Devon

Hullo! Well my Burmese goes outside on a little harness and stretchy lead. He loved it. ellybean bounces around like a deer when I put the harness on her so I never took her outside.

But she really wants to go out with her little brother. What can I use that will be the most comfortable for her to walk on leash with. A jacket or a harness? Got any websites or suggestions?

She is 18 months old, very confient and curious, but a bit flighty too. Harness or jacket needs to be rock solid, I won't risk losing her. But being outside sometimes is something I feel that will come in handy if she ever gets fire, burglary, accidental escape..... I want her to know the outside so she is not freaked out if she ever does find her herself outside.

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  • Hi there, I've just bought these for my two boys. They're still a bit big for them (5 months old, we're only just getting used to having them on in the house and nowhere near ready for walks yet) but the kitties seem really comfy in them and they seem really secure. Cute stickers for them too... mine are "security" and "bodyguard" :)

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