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Needing help with dealing with a traumatised cat

Hi, my placid boy Jasper has all of a sudden become hyper sensative & traumatised by going outside and the only thing i can put it down to is he can smell a tom & dislikes this.

Jasper only got as far as the back step on sunday & wouldn't go any further then displays his disapproval by getting very aggressive toward his mate Denzil. He shakes, hisses, spits & growls. He has now been like it for 3 days and i am taking him to the vet today.

I have given him resume remedy to try calm him but doesn't seem to work. He used to love going outside but now i will not allow him out again as he is severly traumatised by it.

Appreciate any suggestions to help him through this as Denzil & i miss him terribly

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  • have you tried FELIWAY SPRAYS by the doors ? synthetic pheremones ? if herbal rescue remedy hasnt worked with him - what about doing a deterrent for the visiting cat thats causing the stress ? a strong waft of JASPERS wee from a litter tray or two placed where you think the visitor is squirting might well work ?? a strong pussycat pong !!!

  • Thanks Babs..i bought the feliway defuser yday & it did help him although i will have to buy a few because as soon as he goes away from it he is back to being aggressive again. My guess is it will take him a while to recover & feel comfortable again. Do you know of anything i can put outside to deter the tom as i wuld like to be able to have my back door open but have chosen not to at this stage as it may set him off again. I would have thought putting some of Jasper's wee outside would encourage other cats to come & mark their territory??

  • I have no additional advice, it sounds like a terrible problem but I wanted to wish you well and hope you find a way that brings back your boy and his old usual self. I had a tabby cat that was always nervous outside. I ended up making him indoors only and though he would look out the window and wish he was out there, he was a more settled, confident and happy cat knowing his territory inside.

  • Thanks Elisabeth. Jasper is doing much better now thanks to the feliway defusers. I cleaned the back verandah up with a urine neutraliser & then sprayed some citrus oil around & i can now have the back door open without him stressing out.

    The boys will now not go outside which is a shame as they loved playing & rolling in the sun without a care in the world. At least my boys are back to being mates & feeling calm again.


  • Angela that is great news that the boys are enjoying each other again. Its a shame about outside, but maybe that will change in time.

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