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New Applications bar

Unfortunately Skysa has started charging for their application bar that we had at the bottom of the page. We now have another bar but I must say I am missing the Instant Message feature we had on the old one! I think the new one will take a bit of getting used to.

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  • It says it has live message Nicole, would that be like the Instant Message feature
  • No, I don't think so Joy. I haven't had a good look but Im pretty sure that is for site Announcements.
  • Aaah OK
  • Yeah i must say i liked the old application bar better... Are they charging much for the old bar?
  • Hi Abby, I do too. I miss the IM and Chat features.
    The new bar is $50 USD per year. If I make up what I have spent on the calendars I will have a look at paying for it.
    ( I ordered way too many and still have more than half of them left. ) 40.gif
  • I have added a new Chat Room to the Applications bar... It works in really well with Facebook.
    Just click on Chat, bottom right of screen, to test it out.
  • I have added the new Premium Skysa Applications bar today.
    Don't forget to order your 2011 Calendar!
  • Yay!!! Like this bar again. Thanks Nicole Grin.gif
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