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New Devon

Hi I have just brought my new Devon home and my other Devon is devastated and wont let anyone pat her . She just hisses at everyone and has gone for my daughter twice.This is out of character . My other two cats just hiss at him and growl when he comes near them. I have brought the Feliway Diffuser to see if that makes any difference at them moment the house is full of hissing cats. It is early days yet its only day Three..Everyone is hissing at each other..Can anyone suggest anything else that could help them..

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  • I would confine the newbie to his own little area - ie laundry. Make a fuss on the existing cats. Sometimes rubbing a towel over the newbie then over the existing cats can help them adjust to the new scent of the newbie. I'm sure it will all work out Debra
  • Thanks joy ,,
  • it will calm down dont worry! i can sugest you seperate them and swap bedding ie the kittens blanket give to your other cats vica versa, this will transfer the smells, you can try my way if your brave and feel confident when i introduce a new one they are thrown in at the deep end and left to sort themselfs out, however they are supervised at all times, hissing and spitting is very normal and iam pretty confident your others will accept the kitten maternal instinct kicks in eventually good luck

    This is a really good article about bring home a new kitten Debra and also one about introducing a new kitten to existing cats.

    I hope it helps
  • titbits in between feedint times so they tend to get fusses if they come closer and closer bit by careful bit til they will feed in the same foodbowls for their suppers... takes time and patience well worth it though best wishes babs x
  • thank you babs that is encouraging
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