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New Devon Kitten - advice on settling in?

Hi there,

my lovely little Devon kitten, Stanley, will be coming to live with us in two weeks time. I've got a young, very playful British Shorthair who badly needed a friendly companion and who used to have "play dates" with my mother's Devon until we moved. They got along really well.

I'm expecting Stanley to be a cuddly little ball of energy so have plenty of toys, including some for night and a good climbing tree.

Any advice on getting Stanley settled in? Also any food or grooming tips? 

So glad to have found this site, have learnt so much already


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  • Hi Jenny, all I can say is time & patience. One trick is to rub a towel over one & then do the same to the other thereby putting each ones scent on each other. From experience I have found Devons just want to be there right from the word go & don't want this slow introduction business but it is better if you can. BTW Stanley is just gorgeous.
  • Thanks for the replies.....I will definitely try the trick with the towels and see if that helps and I'm hoping that Stanley will like playing with water too. I'm literally counting down the days until his arrival!
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