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New kittens

Nicki and Morph have new kittens tonight 5 black smokes 3 girls and 2 boys. All vey healthy and doing the right things. Ill try to get photos tomorrow.

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  • Oh boy, 5 black smokes!! That's not what we ordered!! LOL
    Where is the blue bicolour? Send them back. :)

    Seriously, congrats to you and Nick, you are going to have fun with 5 little smokes...
  • I know! I want my lilac and white!!!
    they are just a bit cute though and at least we have a choice of girls.
  • congratulations¬°¬°
  • Congratulations Angela !!
  • thankyou, they are lovely little kittens ansd they carry points and dilute so next generation look out. Now I just have to think of names!
  • OMG 5 black smokes. Coloured nail polish or hair srunchies required
  • Joy cant use a black texta this time! Well they are firing on all cylinders they have extremely good lungs Poor Nick could barely move last night without a bunch of angry kittens going off.
  • congratulations! good health for mother and kitten!
  • Thanks everyone Nick is enjoying them.
  • Congrats Ange, will wait patiently for piccies :)
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