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New photo editing tool




Aviary is a great Extension that allows you to edit and customize photos on the fly. You can now edit photos right on Devon Zone without having to save and re-upload them!

You can edit an image by opening the image detail page. Hover your mouse over the image and you should see a "Photo Stickers & Effects" bar. Clicking on the text on the right side will open the Aviary Image editor. You can also use the Options drop-down menu: just click the "Photo Stickers & Effects" link.


Once Aviary is open, you'll see various tools that allow you to adjust the details of the image:

  • The Blur, Flip, Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation tools let you choose from four different settings for the entire image.
  • Redeye, Drawing, and Blemish are all brushes that apply effects to specific parts of the photo.
  • The Text option lets you drop text onto the image. You can choose from a variety of colors, then resize, rotate, and move the text around the image.
  • You can use Stickers to add fun images on top of the photo. Stickers can be dragged around, resized, and rotated to fit just right; just drag the blue corner.
  • The Auto, Toy Camera, Old Photo, and Retro filters allow you to add different effects to the whole image.

In addition to editing photos from the Photos feature, you can also edit your Profile Photo! To get started, head over to your My Page and click the "Photos Stickers & Effects" text bar on your Profile Photo. You'll have the same options as you would on a standard photo, as well as the "Instant!" filter.


If you don't like the way your changes are turning out, you can always hit the "undo" button at the top-right side of the Aviary window. You can back out changes all the way to the original image. You can also use the "redo" button to reapply the change you just undid. Once you hit the "Save" button, the modified image is permanently saved. Changes you save in Aviary cannot be undone. To avoid having to re-upload your photo, make sure you're happy with your new creation!

When you're finished tweaking and adjusting, hit the "Save" button and changes and additions will be added.




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