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Odd-eyed Devon Rex WITH colour

Hi everyone, I decided to start this discussion because I look for an odd-eyed girl from a long time. Finally I found one and I wait for her with great impatience;-)Looking for such a kitty, I found ONE which has colour! Generally, all odd-eyed Devons are pure WHITE. So, when I found the one with colour I think that there're more such Devons...? Did you ever meet odd-eyed Devon, which is NOT pure white?

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  • Haven't seen this in devons, but I know of a cornish rex that is a black/white harlequin and has odd-eyes. Its a really nice extra feature on the cat. I'm guessing quite rare though :)
  • You must post some photos of her Grazyna- I would love to see her.
    I don't think I have seen odd eyes on a coloured Devon myself before.
  • I don't know if I can to put her photos without permission - she isn't my cat, but I can ask her owner if I can do it;-)
  • That would be great. Thanks.
    Can't wait to see your new kitten too. :-)
  • Yes, we are waiting for the picts !!!
  • she's here:
    very nice, impressive girl!!!
  • Thanks, she is very pretty!

    Grazyna said:
    she's here:
    very nice, impressive girl!!!
  • I have seen an odd eyed devon with colour. Behind it are some lines that have produced other odd eyed devons with colour... Odd eyes are so striking. Your new girl looks very sweet!
  • Take a look at this odd-eyed Devon that I found on Facebook. So adorable =)
  • Cat-toure said:
    Take a look at this odd-eyed Devon that I found on Facebook. So adorable =)

    Wow!!!! it's amazing;-)
    Now, I'll dream about having such Devon...
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