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Patella luxation

I noticed there wasn't yet a topic about patella luxation.

As some of you may already have noticed, or knew already, Lorke has PL on both knees.
It first gave noticable (and how!) symptoms when she was 4 - 5 months old.
By now she is just over 1 year old, and her left knee is stabilised, her right knee however keeps luxating regularly.
It affects her permanently, but she appears not to be in serious discomfort or even pain, is perfectly happy and goes about her life like any other devon kitten :-)
Her knees have not been operated on, and will not be, as long as the situation doesn't get worse.
Both we, and the orthopaedic specialist that's been monitoring her progress, feel that an operation and the weeks of recovery, would be too great an impact on her, compared to the discomfort she experiences now.
We are carefully optimistic for the future, in all :-)

Just recently an Abyssinian/Somali breeder (a breed well acqainted with PL) suggested to me to consider giving Lorke anabolic steroid injections, to help her build supporting muscle in her right leg, and to prevent her left knee deteriorating again from being overly used.
My vet is happy to administer the injections, should I want them, but asked me to look carefully into pro's and con's, since he feels this is not something to be considered lightly.
Google isn't much help so far; is there anyone here who's had experience with this?

And of course, anyone else here with devons affected by PL?

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  • Hi Barbara
    The anabolic steroid injections is a risk when you not know anything of the honest health of the parents
    If the breeder can tell you everything about lorke brothers and sisters heart or other problems and that littermates are all well you might consider a anabolic injection
    But i know that if heart problems occur in the line that this means you should exercise caution and advise you not to doit but there have you a good vet who can advice you in this experience
    Perhabs i know and will ask by a vet in Groningen there are tablet i know not sure if it is for Patella Luxatie
  • Hi Adrie,
    I don't think there will be tablets, to be honest. Those could not have the same result, I think.
    The injection I'm talking about would be a one time thing and very localized, administered directly into the muscle you want to strengthen.
    But please, go ahead and ask :-)
    I should add though, that I was advised to make a decision quickly, while things are still going alright with Lorke.
  • Hi Barbara,

    As you know my Murphy has Patellar luxation on both knees as well. He always walked a bit funny, like a pittbull. I never thought it was a problem, but then I read somewere about this hereditary problem. My vet confirmed my suspicion right away. Unfortunately the vet told me this year it was getting worse, although not to the point that an operation is necessary. Thank god for that. But he has bad days, when he's grumpy with everybody (but me luckily). He really liked to jump when he was younger, and he still does. Ofcourse that's a bad idea with his PL.

    It was my understanding PL was a big problem with devons years ago, but with carefull breeding it had as good as disappeared. But I'm familiar with more rex's with PL right now, as are you of course, and I was wondering how this could have happened. Is it because it was almost gone breeders are no longer aware and vigilant about this? I would really like to hear from breeders what their thoughts are about this.

    I hope someone with experience with operations or the injection will comment here. It would be great to know as much as possible if the event occurs that Murphy has to be operated.

    Big hugs to your Lorke!
  • Hi Barbara, why don't you talk about those anabolisants with your orthopaedic specialist ? i think he is the most abe to give you a valuable answer ! (that you may give us Grin.gif )
    good luck !
  • Hi Delphine Smile.gif
    Well, I'm not going to see the specialist again any time soon, and phone conversations with him are really awkward and not straightforward 9.gif. The fact that we don't speak the same language to begin with doesn't help, when you can't see each others expressions and bodylanguage; even just making an appointment takes me ages, we just don't seem to be able to understand each other. 'Live' it's perfectly alright, but no, I'm not considering calling him about something difficult like this 3.gif

    However, we've decided to not give Lorke anabolic steroids, for now at least. We've heard that there may well be heart problems in her immediate family, and both we and the vet don't feel entirely comfortable with it.
  • hi we have a chihuahua with pl yes its genetic! although im a devon breeder ive not yet come accross a devon with it, our little dog seemed fine as a pup and it just apeared in both rear legs, her legs now seem like lengths of spaghettie, it has never seemed to cause her pain or discomfort, and she has carried on regardless she is now just 2 years old our last visit to vet was 6 months ago for her booster he said you will be back within 6 months to a year at most , this past 4 - 6 weeks we have noticed it getting worse, this week we are off to see the orthapedic vet regarding operating, i have done a fair bit of research and seems that its 90% sucessfull there is a good chance of artharitis later on but i dont think this will be because of the op just the outcome of the pl
    she is smaller than my devons and her legs thinner, ill let you know how we get on even though she is a dog lol!
  • Good luck at the orthopaedic vet Shelly Smile.gif
  • Thank you Jana, will keep it in mind Smile.gif

    Jana Klein said:
    Drinking liquid gelatin has been known as an effective assisting way for this problem. Gelatin effectively caters synovia ( soft tissue which lines the non-cartilaginous surfaces within joints with cavities.) for smooth combination of movements.
    Another natural way to cure the issue is New Zealand green-lipped mussels extract; it contains of Glycosaminoglycans; long chains of sugar molecules used in the building of bones, cartilage, skin tendons and many other tissues in the body. It predomonantly is the major of articular cartilage structure and conjuctive tissue.Also, fatty acid which found in green-lipped mussels can naturally cure inflammable proceedings and accompanying symptoms e.g. pains control.
  • Hi Barbara!

    Unfortunately, PL is more common than you think and also in lines that you think these are new lines...
    I speak now of a kitten which is currently 5 months old .In the beginning there was nothing wrong but at some point I noticed that it seemed that she re tapped and decided to checked her by the DA which they felt movement in both of her knies(the other one more than the other) but he told me not to worry because she was still very young (four months) but unfortunately it was not at one point she suddenly fell sideways, so I decided with her to go to an orthopedic surgeon, and my fears came uit.zij revealed after an X-ray was made not only to suffer at pat.lux both knees but also to an instability of the lumbosacral transition, its revealed a deformed vertebra to which the muscles on the vertebrae that normally felt over the vertebra now fall off and be gripped thereby signaling to disrupt the brains and and the cat fell down.The opinion of the orthopedic surgeon was trying to strengthen the back muscles enough to exercise and unfortunately nothing else to do,because an operation is not recommended! When she gets problems with her knees because she must cope the probems with her back she can get an operation on her knies,So you understand that the cat will be desexed and hoping she will lives nicely for the time she will have!!
  • Hi Marjolein,

    yes, I hope as well everything will work out for the little girl and the discomfort can be kept as low as possible.
    I will send you a private message later.

    Thank you for posting Smile.gif
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