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If this link to an old short pathe newsreel film works then its wonderful to see - its in black and white a short minute or so and set at a UK catshow in 1957 - it includes footage of the four first ever devon rexes - fantastic - thanks to friend on Hubbell catchat she adores old films and shes found several - the refs something like this - 

website -

CATSHOW OLYMPIA film archive id is 2237-04 date of film 18/12/1969

hope you all are able to find and see it ? 

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  • Goodness the one where they show the body looks so like Stella.  Great footage Babs.
  • That is great Babs, thanks for sharing!

    Only 4 Devons in the world - wow!


    And the Persian with a security guard. Smile.gif


    Edited to add: Off topic but.... There are some great old videos on there including a newsreel of genuine footage of the Titanic disaster. 


  • Smile.gifglad you are getting to see it - devons dont seem to have changed their shape much do they then? ps I adored the reel showing the old fashioned siamese - fabulous ! we just about remember them like that -
  • That was great, Thanks for sharing :)
  • Great tip Babs,


    Lovely to see how the Devon started. I love those types!

    Sad at the same time to see how the types of Persians and Siamese have "improved" since those years.


    Best wishes,

    Marjan Boonen


  • yes, we also agree about both siams and orientals - not like types they were 20 ot 30 years ago when we had our first siameses - they were stronger lived longer back then believe me ! anyway enjoy devons - we do - theyre darlings !Smile.gif
  • What a treat! ThanksGrin.gif
  • Grin.gifpleased its of interest - ps somebody on the uk HB board found it first she does archives from the fifties ...
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