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Peeing after desexing..??

Hi all

looking for some advice, i knew cats started peeing in naughty places if they didnt get desexed in time but is it normal for them to do it after???

We just had molly desexed right on 6M and this morning she pee'd on my bathroom mat, right in front of me!!! She has never gone to the toilet anywhere other than her litter before.


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  • could be urine infection if she has always been clean before! if its hurting her to pee she will ass that with her litter tray and pee else where x
  • I cannot leave a bathroom mat down at all. There are a few of my cats (neutered) who will toilet on mats because of the rough feel of them. The same goes for scatter mats elsewhere in the house.
  • Thanks ladies, she only did it the once.
    She must like the mats as she has also thrown up on it, and last night pooped on it when she got accidently shut in the bathroom. LOL
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