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I am now accepting photo submissions for the 2012 Devon Zone Calendar. Details regarding format and price are yet to be confirmed and I will explore different options for printing etc.
I will request a total of no more than 3 photos per member and depending on the number received this can be reviewed at a later stage.
We will need large, high quality images to make the calendar look the best it can so please send photos in high resolution (original size if possible).
We will probably have different themes including Christmas, Easter, different coat colours, funny photos  etc. 
Photos can be emailed to:
* Note: by submitting photographs, you grant full permission for them to them be published in the 2012 Devon Zone Calendar. Only photographs belonging to (and Copyright to) yourself may be submitted.
Enrties will close at the end of July. 
Note: when submitting photos please do not send any photos that were included in the 2011 calendar. 
Edit August 2 - Submissions are now closed, thank you. 

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  • I'll see what I can arrange, but every time the camera comes out, they never co-operate.  :)
  • Time for the Big Choose again 3.gif
  • I sent you an email this evening with 4 pics...hopefully a couple will work for the calender.



  • Thanks Dawn. Smile.gif
  • I am sending 3 pics too, hope you like them, this was very extraordinary litter for me, I do love them all...
  • Thank you for kind comments Nicole Grin.gif
  • Thank you, Nicole, for your Job!

    I have a little time till end of July...Grin.gifSmile.gif

  • Thanks Rexclusive, your photos are gorgeous. Smile.gif

    Same to you Dawn... love your new kitten. 8.gif

    Viktoria, you always have such lovely photos, Im sure you can find some for the new calendar. Grin.gif

  • 1084392940.jpegHere is a photo of my Henny Penny being busy watching birds


    Kind regards


  • Hi Nicole, I have a few to submit, We have a new Red Boy now and he takes cute pics Grin.gif 

    I will email them now.

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