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Hi Everyone...

Im new to this site, so Im hoping someone can help me!

My baby Jinx (1year) has been having a reoccurring rash in his armpits and groin for the past 6 months!

Originally the vet thought it was his food, so he has been strictly on Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin for the past 3 months, and is not better at all!

I moved house 3 months ago, and the rash has almost been constant since then.

Every time i take him to the vet, he gives him a cortisone injection (he has had 4 now) I works for about 2 weeks, then the rash comes back!

This time the rash has spread to his neck and genitals, and is weeping really bad!

I have pinpointed the rash starts when I go away for a few days! Although I have someone come and feed and play with him twice a day... it seems to start around this time!

Now the vet is thinking it is a 'stress rash' from being without me... and he wants to put him on some form of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication!

Has anyone had any experience with rashes caused by stress???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Poor boy, it looks nasty.  It certainly could be stress related if you vet has tried everything else. I do hope you find an answer.
  • I have been reading alot about this since I am having the same troubles. Has he had any allergy testing done yet? What type of litter do you use? Does the food have any grain in it at all like corn or rice etc? I know from all the reading I have been doing that grain can cause a ton of problems for animals who are may be worth switching to a grain free food...check the label to make sure there are no grains at all in the ingredients. I use corn litter and have switched back to clay litter just in case. Also check out a thread from last week where we were talking about something is the link...



    Hope you find the answers you need but dont feel alone as there are alot of us in the same position right now...keep us updated on what you might find out.


    Good luck!



  • Hi Lorna


    Gosh, poor baby, that looks really sore. 


    I assume that your Vet has swabbed the areas to make sure it is not a yeast infection as Devons can be prone to this. 


    I would suggest you look at the contents of the food you are feeding to ensure there are no grains as cats can be allergic to ANY grain at all.  Personally, as a raw meat feeder, I would try feeding just raw beef for some time to see if this helps. 


    You could also try the Feliway plug in's to see if these help reduce his stress levels - if this is causing the rash. 


    Hope these suggestions are of help



  • This looks a lot like what my Khalil has had when he was younger. It started on his tummy and behind his front legs. He got cortisone pills, and that did make it better. But in the end I started Khalil on a fully grainfree, raw meat, dieet, and if he sticks with that the rash does stay away.

    So I agree with Ann Hobson-Kelly that it will be worth while to find out if your baby is allergic to something.
  • I would certainly switch to a grain free raw diet. There are some grain free dry foods available if you are concerned about nutritional balance which does have to be right. There are way too many Devons out there with skin problems and there can be a genetic factor.

    Good luck, poor baby.



  • Hi Lora

    Sorry to see your kitty in so much distress.  We have had a very similar problem with our 16 week old devon boy.  He has a very fine downy coat almost bare on his tummy and neck and since bringing him home at 10 weeks he has had a 'on and off' red lumpy rash all over his underside and neck. 


    We initialy took him to the vet to be checked and vaccinated and they took cultures from his fur, gave him a course of antibiotics and maliseb wash to try.  None of this made any difference so I came to DevonZone for help.


    Initially we had been feeding him cooked mince and cheese (this is what the breeder had fed him on as he wouldnt touch any kind of biscuit), we weaned him off this and on to Royal Canine kitten kibble (dry biscuits) as we thought he may be nutritionally deficient, however this also didnt make any difference.  

    The rash became so bad that it was making the skin on his belly hang down as it was so swollen. So we were desperate and tried a cortisone cream called 'Ilium Neocort' that my mother had (this is a combo cream with anaesthetic, antibiotic and hydrocortisone) and it worked.  We have only applied it twice and a week later the rash is completely gone and has not reappeared.  The fur on his belly is now getting thicker which is great as it was really bare. 


    We also took the advice to swap him to a raw diet, which we have always fed our other devon with a full plush coat and no skin problems.  This consists of diced chicken breast, oats and grated pumpkin, carrot and zuccini and he loves it. We are going to the vet for his second vaccination today and will inquire about adding a multivitamin supplement to his food if the raw diet is not giving him the kitten nutrients.


    So whether it was the cream or the change of diet we don't yet know, but we are continuing on the diet for a couple more weeks to hopefully find out.


    Hope some of this info helps you and your kitty

    xx Leah

  • After eliminating various possible triggors in our little boys environment we have come to realise that dried food, whether it be the preservatives, flavourings etc was the cause of our boys rash.  Since eliminating it from his diet and only feeding him raw chicken, oats and mixed veges his rash has completely gone and has never returned. Occasionally we will give him a little serve of the biscuits to see if he can tolerate them and the rash starts appearing again.  Thanks to all for your advice on devonzone xx
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