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pregnancy and cats

Hi all, 

Im just wondering if anyone has some insider knowledge on dealing with the kitty litters and kittens when pregnant?
I just found out that i was pregnant yesterday and even tho i had already looked it up on the net my friend has totally freaked me out about the cat poop thing.
I have bought some gloves and have been advised to get face mask.
The thing is tho Molly is just a kitten and i kiss her alot, but being a kitten she doesn't always clean herself properly and on the odd occasion i find myself running for a baby wipe.
The research i did said that indoor cats are usually safe and as Molly had never had contact with soil i thought we'd be ok. 
Also she scratched me on the cheek last night so i was a little worried about that too.

Any words of wisdom would be great...

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  • dont panic your going to be fine, we have a house full of cats and 2 kids lol, no need to be over the top enjoy your kitty but just ensure you put gloves on when cleaning litter boxes and wash your hands, really no need to panic at all just genral higene thats normal practise, so many kittys are abandoned and rehomed because of this, you and the baby will be abs finex
  • yes its just the basic rules of hand hygene - we use some old fashioned pears soaps by the sink for ourselves and also buy bottles of vets disinfectants in handy sprays for the trays bowls and about the bungalow - and always remove any cat faeces (poos) from the trays right away - if ever get bitten by a cat then dont beat about the bush go to oyur GP or better get to the A and E hospital and ask staff for a jab to stop any infections cos cat bites can soon turn septic - our hospitals used to this and doesnt think its silly about going to their A and E since they have the vet hospital staff sometimes ! ps inside cats are safer in any case cos they shouldnt come into contact with soils which contain toxoplasmosis and other organisms - always have an up to date basic first aid kit in the house of course ( ps remind me this in two weeks time when am judging some household pets at an agricultural shows cat section cos bet shall be bitten
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