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Anyone know if Devon rex's naturally have a higher ALT (liver) blood count? My 8 month old devon wasn't feeling well a month ago and the vet did blood work and his ALT was slightly elevated, so the vet sent me home with liver chews and wanted to recheck it in a month. My kitty was fine the next day, so he really was only under the weather a couple days. Or at least I think he was under the weather, he just seemed to sleep more for those couple days. The vet said a trama can cause the alt to go up and then after it heals it will go down. So I was hoping that maybe that's all it was. So we did the liver chews for the month and went back this morning for the recheck of his alt. It went up 40 more counts. Now I'm worried. They said its a mystery to them because everything else is fine and he acts ok and he so young. I can't remember the exact count now but it was in the lower 200's. The vet said if he has liver failure it would be in the 600's so its not that. My kitty acts fine, plays, runs around, he does get a little sassy at times lol. But seems fine. The vet said maybe devons just have a higher count, she was unsure and said she is going to look into it and get back to me next week sometime. So now I have to wait for her call. In the mean time I have to decide, do I want to recheck the count in a couple months and see if it went up again, or I can get a ultra sound done of his liver which is $350!! If that don't show anything then I can take him to a specialist. I hate to go through all this if its normal for a devon with elevated alt count or just for him its normal. I don't know what to do.

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  • I'm sorry Stephanie. I have never heard of it before.  I do wish you & your kitty well.  Have you spoken to the breeder to see if they have any knowledge of this. I think I would be looking at a specialist.  I know the cost involved but you local vet seems to be struggling (no disrespect to your vet)  whereas a specialist may have more clues.

  • I did contact the breeder. She told me she had heard sometimes devons can have elevated numbers. But she will check with her vet next week when she is there. She knows of one that has it and said hes fine and is living a normal life.
    My vet is going to call the specialist and ask what their thoughts are. I can't find anything online backing up that devons have a higher count. I'm so worried!
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